Our Mission


Pollinating minds, hearts and the world alike!

"words and actions are seeds being planted in the hearts and minds of others. With Love and acceptance of all lifes uniqueness we are able to pollinate our world with positivity."


Just Bee Our Mission




With every purchase of Just Bee we are donating to a bee and environmental conservation program!  Every book sold helps to save our bees and trees by planting seeds in a city garden. 🐝

Bee Facts:
1.  Bees have personalities!   
2. Their wings beat 200 times per second!
3. Bees are amazing at math! 
4. Bees Hibernate!
5. Bees can recognize your face!
6. Bees have 5 eyes!!!
7. Bees sleep just like you!
8. Bees can't see the color red!

Why Bees? 

Like Children, Bees are the bringers of new growth and both are in need of our help! For this reason every Just Bee book sold, plants a seed. 


Einstein said "If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe then man would only have four years of life."  This is because as those little guys fly from flower to flower gathering pollen, they are cross pollinating the crops - which the NRDC states here is the cause for "at least 30 percent of the world’s crops and 90 percent of our wild plants to thrive!" Without bees, there would be no food. And because of chemicals in the plants, flowers and farms, where bees go to get their pollen and make honey, they are getting really sick...😷

How Can You Help? 

By buying this book, you are already helping to save bees! But there is even more you can do...

1. Buy Organic and pesticide free food! This is a big one. Pesticides are to bees what kryptonite is to superman. Because of it, bees are getting really sick... And they need our help!  

2. Plant perennials flowers in your garden! Help feed your local bees! They are running out of food. Due to the lack of gardens as well as global warming, when the bees come out of hibernation, a lot of flowers and their food sources have already bloomed! You can help by transforming your garden or even just a pot in your window into a bee way-station.

3. Buy ONLY organic local Honey. This one is for you :) when you buy local honey, they are collecting from all the blooms around you. Ingesting local honey can help your immune system and aid your body in adapting to the pollen in the air. bye bye allergies. 😊   

Every purchase of Just Bee helps to save bees, and continues the fight to protect these incredible little animals. You can also make sure to be aware - in your neighborhood, around your house, at school...if you see honey bees, make sure to let them do their buzzing and working, and watch, but don't touch!