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About the author.


Shannon Nataf was raised in Los Angeles. During her early education, Shannon attended a very progressive school—focusing on creative learning, innovation and self-empowered expression throughout her childhood. Because of the particular scholastic mission of this institution, Shannon was exposed to the profound impact of storytelling from a young age. Nataf remembers, “We had a class with a story teller…she would mesmerize us with tales and myths from around the world. The stories were imbued with deep meaning and always imparted lessons on empathy, ethics, kindness, courage and perseverance of spirit. These stories impacted me immensely and are the kind I now want to share with the world through my books.”

Shannon has spent the last 15 years working in the Arts, having attended both theUniversity of San Francisco and Central Saint Martins University of the Arts in London.She continued to hone her eye working as a creative director, designer and art director in the fashion industry and many other creative fields.  Her artistic endeavors have been featured in worldwide publications such as both French Vogue, American Vogue and Architectural Digest.

With Just Bee, Shannon decided to combine her passions for both visual design and storytelling. Her cultural diversity, along with her own journey of self-discovery, has given Shannon the tools and resources to realize beautifully-designed children’s books with a depth, meaning and a voice that is uniquely her own.

About the illustrator.

Echo Li born and raised in a small city near Beijing for over twenty years, she has a deeply rooted Chinese culture background. After she graduated from China Central Academy of Fine Art, she came to Art Center College of Design to study illustration in Los Angeles. She loves exploring the world, and observing people on the street with a pencil and a sketchbook in hand. In her art, line drawing usually is everything, sometimes with shadow and shapes. She strives to develop her deep cultural background and combine it with what is happening now in society. Her work has appeared on the site of Society of Illustrators and in Creative Quarterly Magazine.
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